Sometimes, you just have one of those weekends that go exactly as you had planned and nothing goes wrong. I’m so used to having these perfect plans, deciding where we’re going, in what order, how it’s going to feel and then have there be a sudden injury or illness or unpredictable change in weather and be required to make alternate decisions. But last weekend was a glorious exception to our friend, Murphy’s Law.

The rest of the week before had been rather bland and, I must admit, rather sad. The weather had been cold and grey and rainy and left me feeling closed-off and upset. I had to decline an invitation to a close friend’s birthday dinner in November and was feeling slightly alone. But I had the plans for the weekend looming constantly in the back of my mind and the wait for them made the week just a little more bearable.

On Saturday, errands were run (pills and food for cats, bread for Sunday’s dinner and a loaf to eat on the way home, as well as a small box of cupcakes for that night’s dessert) and, upon arriving home, Halloween decorations were pulled from the musty basement and the front of the house was finally set up to welcome the spirits. Despite the fact that I’m not going anywhere or dressing up (and how much does this depress me? Quite a lot. I love putting on a costume and tend to spend months planning but the past couple of years I’ve found myself forgetting about this spectacular holiday until it’s too late. This is the first year I won’t be wearing a costume. How did I get so old, so fast?) I’m hoping to make the best of it.

Sunday, though. Sunday.

I have never been a very active person. If I had a choice between staying inside and going out, I’d prefer to stay inside.

But I’ve always had a weakness for the woods in the fall. The cool air, the leaves drifting carelessly from the towering trees, the crunch as you walk, the other people who had the same idea you did, their kids hopping along beside them, dogs running ahead through dirt and leaves and streams, greeting strangers as if to say “Isn’t today great? Isn’t life fantastic! Hello! I love you!”.

We got in a nice walk before I started getting hungry. So, as we sat on a bench by a small waterfall, watching people come and go, kids climb the rocks, a dog having the time of his life splashing around in the water, we decided to head back.

On the way home, we stopped at Whole Foods and spent a simple $20 on two kinds of cheeses (one brie, the other a gorgonzola), a box of sourdough crackers, two apples, a pear and a bar of the most delicious chocolate I’ve ever had. I made martinis after we came tumbling inside and we sat down to enjoy our late afternoon snack, casually discussing the day and beginning to verbally work on our menu for Thanksgiving this year (we’re staying home this year, just me and my parents. It’s been a long, strange year and we’ve barely seen each other for the past six months or so. We’re not sure we can handle family – our own or somebody else’s – and we miss the company.).

I made a vegetable-thick soup for dinner that hit just the right spot and concluded the evening with cups of tea and a fantastic episode of Boardwalk Empire.

It truly was great.

(you can see the rest of my photos from sunday right here.)


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