that time of year

I’ve been spending a lot of time on our porch lately, mostly just to read, and today was no exception. After my usual breakfast of a toasted bagel and cold glass of milk, I decided that today was definitely a coffee day (as opposed to most days when I have peppermint tea) and grabbed my 15oz mug and my laptop and proceeded to relax in one of the chairs, using my early afternoon lazily drinking my coffee (black with a tablespoon of brown sugar if you’re curious), listening to the blues and checking in on all my favorite food blogs.

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the blue binder project

It’s something, I think, that every good cook should have, whether it’s stuffed onto a bookshelf somewhere or nudged between the radio and a folder full of take-out menus. It’s “tried-and-true” recipes that you’ll never throw away. It’s “made it a couple times and I might do it again” recipes. It’s “I haven’t made this yet but I will some day, just you wait”. It’s a binder, full of recipes, some years old, ripped from magazines or newspapers, some months or weeks old, printed from the computer. Either way, it’s incredibly special.

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Meatless Chili

Has it really been that long since I posted here? Wow. I apologize (I seem to be throwing those around a lot on this blog, don’t I?). August has been a weird and exhausting month. I’ve been working on scripts, reading, trying to keep up with my school work and not sleeping very well all things considered. On top of everything else, our budgets have been even more constricting than usual lately which makes it difficult for me to be extraordinarily creative in the kitchen. But last Tuesday was a bit different! *insert emoticon here*

Yes, last Tuesday, my best friend Jackie and I had another dinner party! Except it wasn’t as “fancy” as our first one! Which was disappointing!

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I’m trying to be excited. Is it working? Did you believe me? Nah, me neither. It has been a very stressful week or so and it doesn’t seem to be letting up any time soon. It seems like I’ve got a million things to do and no motivation to do any of them and that just makes me even more stressed. It’s a vicious cycle. So I’m pulling out my “famous” coleslaw recipe because I’m not sure I can even make myself crawl over to the dining room to get the camera and plug it into my laptop.

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apologies, once again

I give my hearty apologies for disappearing like this. I have been so incredibly stressed out lately and I want to post here and I keep telling myself that I should but then I don’t. I’ve got a dinner party to plan and other writing obligations and school. I promise that I will make a new post soon, either tomorrow (Sunday) or early next week.


farmer’s market

I AM SO TIRED YOU GUYS. How do people function on such little sleep? Anyway, yes. I found the camera cord and, finally, uploaded these photos.

This farmer’s market opens every summer and goes well into the beginning of the fall. It’s located in a parking lot near some train tracks and it’s small and the same people are pretty much there every single year (give or take some new faces). It’s nice to go at least once or twice, just to pick up a snack or some fresh items for dinner. Last week, we only got a few things (we’re still on a budget and, yes, the food is fresh but, keep in mind, it’s does get a bit more expensive): some kale for dinner, a zucchini bread, a cookie (THAT COOKIE THOUGH. Okay, so, there’s this bakery that sets up at the market every year and they make these cookie that are big and chewy and made with oats and they have a dollop of jam in the center (they call it a Jammy Nut and it’s made with “ground almonds, oats and spelt flour “) and they are freakishly good (I would have taken a photo but the first time I tried I nearly dropped the camera and then after that I pretty much devoured it) and I had pretty much been waiting just for that cookie all summer and the first time we went to the market they didn’t have any but they did this time and it was the greatest moment of my life) pickles and some spices (smoked paprika, vindaloo and a herb mix for fish). Now! Presented without commentary, the rest of the photos:

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Just wanted to send out a quick apology to my readers (I know you’re out there!). I do have things to post but… uh… I can’t find the cord to connect the camera to my laptop. Which means no photos. And I can’t make posts without photos! (Or, I could, but how boring would that be?) I promise, promise that I will find it as soon as I can and continue posting.